Agricultural Machinery. Four-Wheel Drive Tractor John Deere 9430


Wheelbase 3500 mm
Tyre size 710/70R38


Hydraulic system fluid volume 106 l.
Fuel Capacity 1325 l.
Cooling system fluid volume 53 l.
Engine oil volume 41.6 l.
Three-point attachment type 4N/3, 4/4N
Turn radius 4450 mm
Operating voltage 12 V
Generator current strength 200 amperes


Manufacturer John Deere
Model PowerTech Plus
Full power 316.9 kW
Power take mechanism power 238.6 kW
Power measured at 2100 rev / min
Cylinders number 6
Torque increase 38 %
Displacement 13.5 l.
Aspiration Turbocharged engine with subsequent cooling of charging air by oncoming air flow

Hydraulic system

Pump bandwidth 182 l/min
Overflow valve pressure 19994.8 kPa
Remote control valves number 4

Gear box

Forward gears number 24
Reverse gears number 6
Transmission type 24-speed synchronized gearbox


Last transmission inner planetary
Axis length 3045 mm
Axis diameter 110 mm



4. Wheelbase 3500 mm