Agricultural Machinery. Four-Wheel Drive Tractor Ursus 1224


Wheelbase 2695 mm
Tyre size Front 14.9R24 Rear 18.4R38
Outer frame width 2270 mm
Dimensional length 4590 mm
Height to cab upper part 2700 mm


Working weight 4970 kg
Fuel Capacity 130 l.
Hydraulic system fluid volume 46 l.
Cooling system fluid volume 26 l.
Engine oil volume 24 l.
Three-point attachment type Cat. III
Three-point hitch load-carrying capacity at 24 inches 5500 kg
Operating voltage 14 V
Generator current strength 53 amperes


Model Z 8701.12
Full power 87.2 kW
Power take mechanism power 77.6 kW
Power measured at 2200 rev / min
Cylinders number 6
Displacement 6.8 l.

Hydraulic system

Pump bandwidth 55 l/min
Overflow valve pressure 16000 kPa

Gear box

Transmission type mechanical, synchronizer with reductor
Forward gears number 16
Reverse gears number 8
Maximum speed 29.4 km/h


Last transmission rear axle



1. Dimensional length 4590 mm
2. Outer frame width 2270 mm
3. Height to cab upper part 2700 mm
4. Wheelbase 2695 mm