Forestry and Logging Equipment. Skidding Tractor (Skidder) John Deere 640G serie III


Roller diameter 203.2 mm
Cable width 15.8 mm
Drum capacity at cable width 77.4 m
Maximum traction force on a rope with empty drum 193 kN
Maximum line speed 43.2 m/min
Overall width 3120 mm
Blade width 2184 mm
Height to cab upper part 3030 mm
Maximum blade height 1310 mm
Wheelbase 3430 mm
Clearance 615 mm


Working weight 13648 kg
Fuel Capacity 159 l.
Cooling system fluid volume 34.4 l.
Engine oil volume 18.9 l.
Front differential fluid volume 17 l.
Rear differential fluid volume 28.4 l.
Transmission fluid volume 29.3 l.
Hydraulic system fluid volume 54 l.
Operating voltage 12 V
Generator current strength 90 amperes
Axle oscillating 30 degrees
Steering angle 90 degrees
Tyre size 30.5x32


Peak torque 706 Nm
Torque measured at 1400 rev / min
Displacement 6.8 l.
Cylinders number 6
Aspiration turbocharging
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 6068H
Full power 128 kW
Power measured at 1400 rev / min

Hydraulic system

Type of pump variable displacement axial piston pump
Pump flow rate 102 l/min
Overflow valve pressure 20684 kPa

Gear box

Transmission type Powershift transmission with direct drive
Forward gears number 8
Reverse gears number 7
Maximum forward speed 21.9 km/h
Maximum reverse gear 16.4 km/h



2. Overall width 3120 mm
3. Height to cab upper part 3030 mm
4. Wheelbase 3430 mm
5. Clearance 615 mm