Lifting and Cargo Handling: Forklift Truck Toyota

Model Fuel type
8FGU25 gas
8FGU20 gas
8FGU18 gas
8FGU15 gas
8FDU30 diesel
8FDU25 diesel
8FDU20 diesel
8FDU18 diesel
8FDU15 diesel
7FGU45 gas
7FGU40 gas
7FGU35 gas
7FGU30 gas
7FGCU60 Gasoline and propane
7FGCU55-BCS gas/propane
7FGCU55 Gasoline and propane
7FGCU45-BCS gas/propane
7FGCU45 Gasoline and propane
7FGCU35-BCS gas/propane
7FGCU35 Gasoline and propane
7FGCU32 gas/propane
7FGCU30 gas/propane
7FGCU25 gas/propane
7FGCU20 gas/propane
7FGCU18 gas/propane
7FGCU15 gas/propane
7FGCSU20 gas/propane
7FBH25 Electric
7FBH20 Electric
7FBH18 Electric
7FBH15 Electric
7FBEU20 Electric
7FBEU18 Electric
7FBEU15 Electric
7FBCU45 Electric
7FBCU35 Electric
7FBCU30 Electric
7FBCU25 Electric
7FBCU20 Electric
7FBCU18 Electric
7FBCU15 Electric